The Sunday Tech Brew (17 Apr 16)

The Sunday Tech Brew (17 Apr 16)

It’s the 16 of April! Here’s some quick tech bytes to accompany you for your morning cuppa.

LG G5 and Urbane 2 Launch in Singapore

LG Fans can get their hands on the flagship LG G5 and also the G Watch Urbane 2 in Singapore this weekend. Prices are at $988 and $588 respectively. The watch is more than half the price of the flagship phone. It’s also double the price of Redmi Note 3, just saying…

HTC 10 Announced


I wasn’t sure what to expect from HTC. They have suffered quite a bit the last couple years. The new HTC 10 does offer a promising outlook for the company. The HTC 10 offers fans a premium look that’s similar to previous generations but with design improvements all around – nods to the fingerprint sensor and improved screen to body ratio. The things that stand out for me are:
+ Fingerprint sensor
+ Excellent audio
+ Industrial metal design
+ Significantly better camera compared to previous generations
+ Minimal bloatware

Beats Active Collection – Fun, Comfort, Quality

Beats is adding a trio of new vivid colors as part of new Active Collection in simple primary shades of color – Blue, Yellow & Red.

The vibrant-colored Active Collection consists of the Beats Tour2, Beats Solo2 Wireless and Powerbeats2 Wireless. This bold assortment is crafted for those with busy, on-the-go lifestyles who use music to propel their day.

Protection Required – The Galaxy S7 Edge is One Slippery Beast

I handle the naked Galaxy S7 Edge with fearful trepidation. The glass on both sides and the curved edge makes it prone to slips. Glass and falls doesn’t go well together. I have been on the look out for cases and just saw that Amazon is having a sale for Spigen. Picked the “Tough Armour” up and shipped to Hopshopgo. I would have used 65daigou which is cheaper, but Hopshopgo had a $1 promotion. Service is better too as they deliver to doorstep.

Jaybirds Acquired by Logitech

We reviewed the Jaybirds X2 before tech brew weeklyand they were a pretty solid pair of bluetooth earbuds. Will be interesting to see how they develop further under the Logitech brand. Judging by the way they handling Ultimate Ears, it should be positive.