Jack Hot E-Scooter – Lightest at 6.3 kg

Jack Hot E-Scooter – Lightest at 6.3 kg

Dubbed the world’s lightest carbon fiber electric scooter, the Jack Hot skate scooter is a popular choice for those who ranks portability highly.

  • Air Free Cushioned Tire
  • LED Panel to display power, speed, mileage etc
  • Built-in LED lamp for safety

It weighs only 6.3 kg and a 25km/h max speed for up to to 15 to 30 km distance, depending on the battery size selected (7.8 Ah or 10.4 Ah). It’s super lightweight but in terms of comfort, it’s less shock absorbent so you would feel the bumps and humps more. Jack Hot uses Samsung batteries and a 2 hour charge will allow for a travel distance of 20km.


One thing to note, most sellers on Qoo10 sell NES or Nextdrive brand scooters marked as equivalent on Qoo10. Just something to note and if you are looking for the genuine one, do purchase from Passion Living on Qoo10. I have purchased quite a few items from Passion Living before and I would consider them as a reliable seller. The Jack Hot scooter sells for about $900.

There were some concerns on the legality of such e-scooters. LTA had established an Active Mobility Advisory Panel, which has since recommended the following on 17 Mar 2016.

  • Speed limits of 15km/h (running or leisurely cycling speed) on footpaths, and 25km/h (normal cycling speed) on shared paths and cycling paths
  • Devices must be equipped with lights visible from the front and back, which must be switched on during hours of darkness
  • Cycling maximum two abreast is allowed on all roads with at least two lanes in that direction, except those with bus lanes during the bus lane operational hours
  • No cycling against the flow of traffic on roads

Electric scooters fall under the category of Personal Mobility Device and are allowed on foothpath and cycling/shared path with speeds up to 15km/h and 25km/h respectively.

Read more at LTA Website here.

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  1. I compared the picture with the original distributors website and the scooter is quite different. How is it genuine?