HTC 10 Available in Singapore – Finally

HTC 10 Available in Singapore – Finally

Just gotten news from the PR Agency representing HTC in Singapore, The HTC 10 will be available in Singapore from 1st August 2016, for SGD 898/-.

The HTC 10, too little, too late? The HTC 10 is definitely a great phone, many websites have waxed lyrical about it, so I wouldn’t bore you here, but despite the tech brilliance, 2016 is a tough year to compete with Samsung. HTC market popularity remains low. HTC skip the Singapore market originally, but have finally decided to launch here, or is it unsold inventory? Hmm.

But the good news for the fans is that HTC 10 will be available in Singapore from 1st August onwards at a RRP of S$898. Initially, it will be a Lazada Exclusive. The HTC 10 will be available on all key channels from August 16th 2016 onwards.

The late launch will cause the HTC to lose its competitive edge, if it had any to begin with. S7 can be purchased at about $100 cheaper, and there’s also the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 to contend with. But hey, the HTC 10 is beautiful, aluminium crafted phone, Boom Sound capable, pretty dang close to stock Android phone you can buy at the moment.

There will be an initial promotion for purchase of the HTC 10:

  • Lucky 500 buyers will get Mini + free
  • Lucky 100 buyers will get Ice View covers free

The Mini+ is the same as previous generations, a mini phone that doesn’t really serve much function]( The Ice View covers is a semi-transparent and versatile single front-cover case, allowing you to have access to your phone, without even opening your smartphone’s case.

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