Play Pokemon Go on Your PC with KoPlayer

Play Pokemon Go on Your PC with KoPlayer

Pokemon Go is still not launched in Singapore but there is a new way to play it on your Windows PC with KOPLAYER. This China company is marketing its Android emulator as a way to play Pokemon Go.

Afraid of going out into the streets in this not-so-safe world we live in? Considering the possibility of bad traffic, poor road conditions and car accidents? Sick of battery issues? They are now introducing a new way to play Pokemon GO on your PC computer in a safe way with a bigger screen and more fun via KOPLAYER Android emulator.

Hilarious really. But KOPLAYER is riding on the Pokemon Go craze to it’s Android emulator. Pokemon Go has really shaken the world. Even our Singapore minister says it will monitor the game’s impact on society, while our neighbours Malaysia are worried about the game’s impact.

Based on augmented reality, just about everyone has heard about this game. Hundreds of those adorable, yet ferocious, little creatures have invaded our real world, well except Singapore, Malaysia, and a whole lot of other countries really, so you would need to spoof your location in order to play the game. You may get banned though, so you may want to check out how not to get ban while spoofing your GPS location on Pokemon Go.

With KOPLAYER, it is all setup to play Pokemon Go. The APK is a click to download, and the location is pre-set to Sydney Australia. Pokemon GO gamers can use their keyboard to control and move in a convenient way. Click keyboard setting to use the WASD keys then you can walk anywhere on the map without going outside to waste your battery and date usage.

It’s really easy to use. I would only advise you not to use your actual Google account, you never know what information is transferred through the app. The app should be released in Singapore really soon though.

“We expect it to be released by the end of July.”

Going by Niantic CEO, John Hanke’s words, it is almost certain that the rest of the Asian countries including Singapore, India, Malaysia, China and others would be getting the official game release in the next few days.

Source: Pokemon GO Now on PC with KOPLAYER

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