EZ-Link launches first free card-less ERP payment service

EZ-Link launches first free card-less ERP payment service

EZ-Link Pte Ltd announced earlier today the launch of EZ-Pay, the first completely free post-paid card-less payment service for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) in Singapore. EZ-Pay. Motorists that signs up no longer have to worry about passing ERP gantries without a stored-value card in their in-vehicle (IU) unit or with a card that is low in value. For the initial launch, it is offered exclusively to Citibank card holders.

It is an account-based service that guarantees there are always sufficient funds for ERP charges by enabling payments to be charged directly to a credit card; eliminating the need of having to top up or insert a stored-value card into the IU. EZ-Pay also completely free-of-charge, users to do not have to pay any top-up or service fee for using the service.

The first 5,000 Citibank card holders who have signed up for EZ-Pay, activated the service and completed transactions within the promotional period will get up to a maximum of S$20 in cash credit which will be reimbursed back to their credit card. The promotional period starts from 16 August and ends on 30 September. You can find more info on the promo here: http://citi.com.sg/gcb/credit_cards/ezpay.htm

The service will also be made available to cardholders of other banks in 2017.

This is not the first way to make payment without a card – there’s MotorPay and vCashcard, but both charges an admin charge. And hey, no one is giving away free $20 credit right? Similar to the rest, they only work with the ERP gantries. EZ-Link is working with car park operators to enable EZ-Pay for car parks with Electronic Parking System (EPS) and will be made available in the near future.

To obtain an EZ-Pay account, motorists can visit www.ezlink.com.sg for a simple one-time registration with their vehicle number and Citibank card details. Upon successful registration, they will receive an email to notify them of the effective start date of their EZ-Pay account. From then on, if their stored-value card is not inserted into the IU or carries insufficient value when they pass an active ERP gantry, the ERP charge will be billed to their EZ-Pay account.

To view records of their ERP transactions, users can simply login to their EZ-Pay account using their NRIC number and PIN or refer to their monthly credit card statements.

“All motorists have a lot to benefit from using EZ-Pay. Besides giving a long-term solution to their woes of forgetting to top up or insert their stored-value cards into their IUs, EZ-Pay also gives motorists a peace of mind and the ability to track their ERP expenses conveniently – all at no extra costs. By advancing to this card-less post-paid payment option for motorists, EZ-Link is bringing road users one step closer to the future of motoring and look forward to expanding the service to other areas in the near future,” said Mr Nicholas Lee, Chief Executive Officer, EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

Said LTA’s Group Director for Transportation & Road Operations, Dr Chin Kian Keong: “We are constantly working with third-party service providers to bring greater convenience to our land transport users for a fuss-free travel experience. With EZ-Pay, motorists and business owners with fleet vehicles can better manage their ERP expenses, without the need for a physical stored-value card.”

Mr Han Kwee Juan, Chief Executive Officer, Citibank Singapore Limited, said, “We recognize that consumers seek greater convenience and solutions that will allow them to maximize their time and focus on the more important things in life. We are pleased that our collaboration with EZ-Link underscores Citi’s focus on driving digital and mobile solutions to enhance our customer service and experience wherever they are. With EZ-Pay, a market first offering, Citibank card holders will benefit from the ease of commuting around Singapore.”

Sign up here: http://www.ezlink.com.sg/ezpay