Two Whatsapp Account on One Phone

Two Whatsapp Account on One Phone

Want to have 2 Whatsapp account on the same phone? I have an easy way to do it, and there’s no need to root your phone or install third party unknown applications, like OGWhatsapp (although that would work too). You would need: a Samsung phone though.

Many people use two phone numbers, 1 for work and 1 for personal. At times, you would not want to have so many devices and that’s where dual SIM phones come in, but one limitation on those phones is that applications cannot be duplicated. For e.g. Whatsapp is normally limited to one installation on a phone.

Or how about for those who go overseas, and have a second number, yet you want to stay in contact with your local friends – you can even use this method with your local SIM number temporarily suspended. With over a billion users, Whatsapp is one of, if not the most popular internet messaging application these days.

Ok, so how do you go about having two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone? You don’t even need to have a phone with a Dual SIM, but you would need a Samsung phone though. Why Samsung? Because Samsung has a secure data access feature called My Knox aka Secure Folder on the Galaxy Note 7.

Knox is able to define a secure workspace for your business apps, in this aspect, you can have duplicate apps on the same phone, without them interacting with other. Your personal data and apps are outside this secure workspace, and they remain completely private. All data inside Samsung My KNOX is encrypted, providing a secure and productive way to access confidential email and apps. Knox is a unique, Samsung only feature, which surprisingly, has no similar peer that I know of.

There’s quite a lot of devices that support Knox from Samsung Galaxy S4, Note 2, even the relatively low end Galaxy J is supported.

Benefits of Knox

  • Easy setup – Created for working professionals, so no IT admin assistance is needed
  • Better security – Hardware and software security that delivers multiple protection layers for the operating system and apps
  • Better privacy – Securely separates private data and apps from everyday content

Head over to Google Play Store and download the My Knox application. Load up the app, and you will see that there are a bunch of apps with a security logo. One of them is the Google Play Store, open it up and you would need to supply your credentials once more. From there, download Whatsapp and open it.

Whatsapp will prompt you to verify, there’s no need to grant it SMS access. It will send the verification ID over to your secondary mobile number. As mentioned earlier, there’s no need for a dual SIM phone. As long as you can receive the message, you are able to authenticate Whatsapp via the PIN.

And that’s it! Notifications on both Whatsapp number will appear separately. The only irritation is that you would need to enter your Knox password / fingerprint to open the Whatsapp account on your secondary number. It does make for good security. Concurrently, this would also allow for two Viber accounts, two WeChat accounts, on the same phone.


Ok – so what if you don’t have a Samsung Phone, well, there’s a hack-ish method to allow for dual Whatsapp still – OGWhatsApp is a third party application that allows you to use two different telephone numbers with WhatsApp from the same smartphone. It basically works like a crack Whatsapp application.

There are a couple of things to take note. First, is to make a backup of your Whatsapp chats. Uninstall Whatsapp. Use a file manager to rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. Install the OGWhatsapp apk, activate it, then download the original Whatsapp from the Playstore. You would need to allow your device to install third party applications. With such applications, there are risks that security / information may be compromised (!).

Know of any more tricks to enable two Whatsapp account on the same phone? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks.