BenQ W11000 – THX Certified 4K DLP Projector

BenQ W11000 – THX Certified 4K DLP Projector

BenQ’s latest digital home cinema projector, the W11000, has the honour of being the world’s only DLP 4K UHD projector to be THX-certified. With true 8.3-million pixels resolution, it offers you an authentic cinema experience.

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is a glorious spectacle and the W11000 was able to capture the hues of the night sky and the twinkling stars. Shades of blue were accurately represented as the massive whale jumps up into the night sky before splashing down, or the sharp details on Richard Parker as he stares menacingly into the camera.

THX Certification guarantees equipment for accurate reproduction of content as the director originally intended. The W11000 THX Mode, is pre-calibrated by THX engineers for the most accurate out-of-the-box picture quality possible, to recreate every single detail of the authentic content and image quality filmmakers wanted you to see.

The default lens for the W11000 has a zoom ratio of 1.25X with a screen size of up to 205″. There are other lens available as well for different zoom / throw distances. The lamp is rated for 2500 hours at normal mode and up to 6000 hours in Super Eco mode.

The BenQ W11000 home theater projector is priced at SGD 7,299 after GST and will be available mid-December 2016 onwards.

If that’s too expensive, there’s a 1080P projector, the BenQ W8000, which is also THX certified. The BenQ W8000 home theater projector is priced at SGD 3,888 after GST (pricing includes Standard Lens)and is available now.