Transcend StoreJet Cloud 210 Offers RAID 1 NAS

Transcend StoreJet Cloud 210 Offers RAID 1 NAS

Transcend StoreJet Cloud 210 Personal Cloud Storage was released earlier this month. These Network Attached Storage (NAS) offers anywhere access and sharing, automatic data backup, and media streaming. The StoreJet Cloud 210 uses 2 bay for 8TB storage capacity and offers data mirroring (RAID 1) to protect users’ data with greater redundancy.

Anywhere Access and Secure Sharing

Transcend’s StoreJet Cloud allows users to access all of their data from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. This would have to be carried out through the StoreJet Cloud web link or smartphone applications. You can also create personal accounts for family members and friends, while individually maintaining each account.

Fast and Easy Auto Backup

With up to 8TB of storage capacity, users can backup files on their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices to a central location. When connected to their home Wi-Fi network, StoreJet Cloud can automatically back up all photos and videos stored on users’ mobile devices the moment they get home. Transcend’s StoreJet Cloud also offers a one-touch backup function when a USB flash drive or external hard drive is connected to the rear USB 3.0 port. For Mac users, StoreJet Cloud works with Apple Time Machine.


Media Streaming for Mobile Entertainment

The Transcend StoreJet Cloud is DLNA certified and supports the sharing and playback of media files among DLNA compatible devices, such as Smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Transcend’s StoreJet Cloud also supports AirPlay, iTunes and Chromecast. Users can play videos, music, and photos stored on the StoreJet Cloud on mobile devices via the exclusive StoreJet Cloud app for both home and mobile entertainment.

RAID 1 Mode for Data Mirroring

With RAID 1 mirroring mode, the 2-bay StoreJet Cloud 210 provides users with dual redundancy by internally mirroring files to ensure high reliability and data integrity. By storing two copies of the same data in two separate disk drives, the StoreJet Cloud 210 guarantees continuous operation in case of single drive failure.

If the RAID 1 function is not required, or you can do with less storage, there’s also the StoreJet Cloud 110. Transcend’s StoreJet Cloud 110 and StoreJet Cloud 210 are both backed by Transcend’s two year Limited Warranty. 2 years of 1 TB storage space on Google Drive will set you back about US$240, so there’s some benefits to deploy your own personal cloud storage. THe Storejet 4TB 110 retails for approximately US$230 while the Transcend 8TB 2-Bay Storejet Cloud 210 Personal Network Attached Storage retails for US$379.99.

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