Here’s MAG – The Magic Wallet

Here’s MAG – The Magic Wallet

Traditional Wallets often carry more than what you really need, and minimal ones can’t seem to carry enough. First world problems indeed.

What if you could carry exactly what you need, when you wanted to? That was the motivation behind MAG: a modular wallet with a magnetic hinge that allows you to swiftly detach and reattach! Magnet-based Kickstarter projects from Singapore is a new trend.

The design concepts for the MAG Wallet are:

  • Simply Magical – Split, Snap or Stack! MAG makes accessing your wallet not just intuitive, but also enjoyable.
  • All that you Need – MAG comes with three modules each specially designed to suit your ever-changing needs, so that whatever you bring, is always just right.
  • Endless Possibilities – MAG’s modularity lets you customize truly to your need, for a truly adaptive lifestyle.
  • Quality & Innovative materials – MAG is constructed from a water resistant fabric that is often specially reserved for industrial use, MAG gives off a premium feel while remaining amazingly thin, light and durable.

The MAG does look rather distinctive (in a sophisticated way), and helps to create a slim, minimal wallet. The three parts of the MAG Wallet are well thought through, and can stand on its own, or combined, up to you!

The fundamental

The top piece is designed with a slot at the bottom to reveal 1/16 of the card for quick access. The other slot at the side allows room for more cards & cash, just enough to carry the essentials.
(fits up to 3 essential cards and some cash)

The subsidiary

The center features an elastic band to hold the cash, and the back allows for a secure storage of a number of cards if you need more!
(Holds up to 6 cards and more cash)

The pouch

A zipless and secure way to hold your loose items e.g. keys & coins.

However, I am not a fan of the elastic band to hold cash, or using slots. I personally find it hard to count / figure out the right notes when putting my cash in a similar way. Another aspect is when paired together, I thought the fit of the parts could be better. They look more like individual components from the product shots.


The MAG wallet is designed in Singapore by a team of designers from NUS Industrial Design Jexter, Jon and Jia en. Their campaign ends on the 25th of November, and each wallet costs $25 USD. However, they still have early bird specials on Kickstarter where each wallet costs $22 USD! Check out their Kickstarter project here.

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