iNO5 Non Camera Smartphone

iNO5 Non Camera Smartphone

iNO 5 is the latest non-camera smartphone from iNO Mobile, and is the successor to the iNo 3.

What was once a specialised niche changed last year after MINDEF rules relaxation. If I am not mistaken, MINDEF now the disabling of cameras on smartphones through sandblasting (sandpapering) the lens, or removal of the camera module and filling the gap with epoxy.

The iNO 5 thus serves a very specific niche group of people. Those who require an official, OEM-manufactured non-camera smartphone that has not been tampered.


MT 6735, Quad Core 1.3 GHz 64 Bit processor
5.5″ Display
Android 6.0 OS
Dual SIM (Micro) 4G & 2G
Expandable microSD slot (hybrid dual SIM)
GPS Support without compass

Price: $358

Dual SIM 4G & 2G is a huge red flag. If you want to use dual SIM, then this phone would lose the functionality in Singapore from 1 April 2017. It’s disappointing to see a newly released phone from a Singapore brand (no less), not taking this into consideration.

The phone definitely looks nicer than the previous iNO 3. The phone sports a rose gold finish, with a white bezel. Controls are now via on-screen software control, and ports and button placement are the usual standard affair.

The increased screen size and what seems to be a metal body finish are strong points. It is however, still expensive, and the price you pay can get you a much better camera phone. Unless your department is extremely strict, you are better off getting a REDMI Note 4, and disabling the camera, which can be had for almost half the price.

But if you really need a non-camera phone, you don’t have much choice and the iNO 5 is the best there is now.

Buy from Qoo10 – $329 and you still can apply the usual cart coupon as well as QooPoints for even more attractive pricing.

3 Replies to “iNO5 Non Camera Smartphone”

  1. I would like to advise you NOT to purchase the non camera INO 5 phone.
    If you have the choice of getting a security sticker for your camera phones in your work
    environment, please consider other models like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

    – Too Expensive considering the specs, only Quad Core.
    (At SGD$298, you will be better of getting a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with Octa or Deca Core)

    – Website boasts Hard Glass but the screen still crack.
    (Screen cracked after dropped from waist level)

    – Limited choices when comes to accessories(etc. Phone cases, Screen Protectors)

    – Not sure if it’s OS issue, Bluetooth sometimes activated after rebooting phone.

    – After Sales Customer Service not prompt, sent messages in Facebook Messenger then
    read my messages and no reply.

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