LG Smart Fridge Features Alexa and a 29″ Smart Display

LG Smart Fridge Features Alexa and a 29″ Smart Display

LG has a new Smart Instaview Fridge, that features Amazon Alexa and LG’s own webOS smart platform. Geeks can now shout at their fridge to check on their grocery shopping status and read digital post-it notes.

There’s a 29″ touch LCD display, which interestingly on knock-knock, turns transparent to look inside the fridge without opening the door.

With Alexa, you can easily order and top up your groceries directly from the fridge. Amazon is rumoured to launch in Singapore soon, and Alexa integrations could sure come in handy for us.

Alexa makes good sense to be integrated to your fridge, since it has features that make it rather popular in the Kitchen. Recipes, kitchen timer, music, are great via a voice control environment when your hands are all greasy.

WebOS, maybe less so, since application support would be limited, since it’s new life under LG is pre-dominantly as a Smart TV system.

Overall, it does sound rather disjointed, nothing a tablet, Amazon Echo, and a normal dumb fridge would be able to achieve. Hopefully, LG finds a way for Alexa and WebOS to collaborate on a deeper level, but until then, this is still the coolest fridge you can get for your kitchen.