ASUS BRT AC828 Has An Impressive Feature Set

ASUS BRT AC828 Has An Impressive Feature Set

ASUS latest business router, the BRT AC828 is packed with a series of impressive features. For starters, it has a M2 SSD slot! It is also perfect for businesses that cannot a afford a minute of downtime with up to triple redundancy in terms of internet connection.


The BRT AC828 is a Powerful AC2600-class Wi-Fi router offers fast, reliable networking, dual-WAN resilience and easy management tailored
for SMB customers. Dual-WAN allows for up to 2 GBps aggregated bandwith with automatic failover in case one internet connection goes down. There is also the option of connecting a 4G LTE dongle to the USB 3.0 port for use as a primary or secondary WAN, adding even more versatility.

Efficient protection for your digital assets

ASUS BRT-AC828 incorporates ASUS AiProtection feature with exclusive Trend Micro™ technology, which uses real-time network monitoring to detect malware, viruses and other intrusions before it reaches the network devices.

The integrated Ipsec virtual private network (VPN) — with its hardware encryption engine — is a secure and convenient way for employees to access the company’s internal network from home or from another remote location. There’s also built-in Virtual LAN support for easy network segregation.

Easy management

With ASUS BRT-AC828’s easy and intuitive ASUSWRT graphical menu system, users do not have to worry about complex network settings. It is incredibly easy to manage all the company’s devices using Device Grouping and the RADIUS Wi-Fi server, or for business owners to set up, and customize, a free Wi-Fi welcome page for customers using the Captive Portal feature in order to grow their business.
The time-saving Device Grouping makes managing grouped devices — for example in different departments — more efficient by enabling IT managers to apply the same settings to all devices within the same group.

The convenient built-in RADIUS server not only saves space by eliminating the need for an external server, but also simplifies network management by providing secure, centralized authentication for devices and users.

Ultra-fast storage

For incredibly fast onboard storage, ASUS BRT-AC828 includes a built-in M.2 storage slot that accepts an ultra-fast M.2 SSD module. This can be configured as a powerful built-in mini-NAS for backup and file storage by plugging in a suitable M.2 SATA SSD. It is quick and easy to do a backup, and large files open in an instant. Compared to a traditional external USB port, the internal port makes storing data much more secure and it reduces the risk of being accidentally disconnected.

Availability & Pricing

559 SGD with 3 Years warranty.

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