Is the new Apple iPad worth it?

Is the new Apple iPad worth it?

This month, Apple added 2 new products to the iPad line up – the all-new more expensive Apple iPad and Apple iPad Pro 2022.

The new iPad looks great, removing the old home button, adopting the same 10.9″ screen as the iPad Air, and the thinner bezel. However, the price has increased by 36% to S$679. The additional S$200 top up to the iPad Air nets you a much faster processor, double the memory, laminated screen and better Apple Pencil support.

At the current price difference, I would go for the more expensive iPad Air, although perhaps it might be worth waiting for the next refresh in 2023. The iPad Air was last upgraded in 2021. iPads are well-built and can easily last for 4-5 years. With that, it makes sense to future proof with the faster iPad, and it can take advantage of new features that Apple is likely to introduce down the road.

mind when trying to justify the $150 leap to the more expensive device.

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