PRISM+ Launches Smart Air Conditioner

PRISM+ Launches Smart Air Conditioner

Singapore’s tech brand, PRISM+, announced its smart air conditioner line-up, the PRISM+ Zero Series. PRISM+ is better associated with monitors and TVs, and are now venturing into the home appliance space, with the launch of the Zero air conditioner. At the same time, they are also launching a Smartphone application called the PRISM+ Connect.

The PRISM+ Connect is designed for home automation. Aside from offering Google Assistant integration to enable voice control, the app is feature-packed with tools such as geolocation settings, maintenance reminders, direct bookings for aircon servicing, setting routines to match their lifestyle, and insights to monitor usage frequency. In addition, the app will also allow users to both replicate the functionality of the remote control, while also controlling their device from a remote location.

As a new player in this competitive market, PRISM+ offers one of the most comprehensive warranty for air conditioners IF you opt for their servicing plan. Upon purchase, users are all entitled to one-year coverage of their air conditioner units – following which they can choose to opt-in for quarterly servicing of their air conditioners with PRISM+ through a pay-per-use system. Quarterly servicing of their units will immediately entitle users to an extended 8 year warranty on both their indoor units and outdoor compressors. Servicing prices have been kept competitive with market prices and include added services such as gas top ups and bi-annual filter swaps completely free. Will be interesting to compare the price of the quarterly servicing.

The PRISM+ Zero Series will launch at prices starting as low as $2,199 for a system 2, $2,599 for a system 3, and $3,299 for a system 4. The first 200 customers to purchase a System 3 bundle will receive either a free Flow Soundbar (worth $269) or Q32 Android TV (worth $379). Meanwhile, System 4 buyers will also take home a free Q55-QE Pro Android TV (worth $999).

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