Myo Gesture Control Armband will be on Amazon (Mar'15)

Flip between slides with a flick of your wrist, or clench your fist to close a window, all’s that possible with the Myo Armband. It senses your forearm muscle movements to provide computer input. Thalmic Labs, the company behind the gesture control armband, has come a long way in the development and the Myo will soon be available for order via Amazon.

Myo is a gesture controller designed to track hand motion, among other things, that supports a wide range of applications from gaming and typical UI navigation, to remote control of devices like the Ollie and flying drones. Or just use it as a mouse to control your computer.


  • Eight proprietary EMG muscle activity sensors
  • Nine-axis IMU containing three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and three-axis magnetometer
  • ARM Cortex M4 processor
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Haptic feedback

final_myo_black_front (Large)

It reminds me of the Leap Motion – which tracks hand gestures and motion via imaging sensors.

While checking out some of the capabilities of the Myo (there are many), the following demo was impressive – using the Myo for robotics control, in this case, the Ollie. I was impressed by the sensitivity of the controller, and how it translates to minor changes in motion for the Ollie (3:45 mark).

Another impressive demo was the combination of the Myo with a Parrot drone.

Furthermore, the Myo communicates via Bluetooth, so no tangled wires to deal with. It does look rather bulky on the wrist though, and apparently it comes in one size, so Asians with small forearms might have to use the provided extra clips.

It is priced at $199, which is on the expensive end, especially for a gadget that’s really more gimmicks than function for now. It is positive to note that there are already many setups for popular apps like Powerpoint, Netflix, so you can live out your geeky dreams of controlling your apps with gestures. I think it is still too early before the technology becomes more common. This is a definite conversation starter, and will be bound to impress, but novelty may run out after 15 minutes and there’s not much left to do. There’s also a strong push for VR in 2015 and that could work to Thalmic’s advantage. Perhaps, if Myo could tie up with a cool VR game and integrate the use of it as an immersive gadget, that could really help generate adoption.

Interested folks can pre-order the Myo with Amazon. It does not have international shipping though, so you would need to use a forwarder like Borderlinx or VPost.

Never Miss a WhatsApp Notification with the Mi Band

You can get Whatsapp notifications on your Xiaomi Mi Band, basically any notifications on your phone, with the ability to customise the number of vibration and LED colour. The Xiaomi Mi Band is an extremely value for money gadget for 2014 – offering a rich feature set at a fraction of the incumbent’s price. Read more on our initial MiBand review here.

The default app provides incoming call notification. It can be especially useful in crowded places or when you are moving about where you can’t hear the phone ring, or feel the vibration in your pocket or handbag. The vibration from the Mi Band is strong enough to alert me any incoming calls and it is also relatively discreet. Useful. But that’s only for incoming calls, if you want to use the Mi Band for other notifications, such as Whatsapp, Emails, you would have to switch to a tweaked Mi Band application that you can get from Xiaomi’s MIUI forum. Download here:

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RestOn: Will this sleep monitor be different from the rest?

Sleepace launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new sleep monitor that promises to accurately measures sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. It’s meant to be placed on your bed, and measure your sleep without you knowing that it was even there.

We all know that good sleep is important, and attempts at sleep monitoring has existed either through wearables like the fitbit or through apps on the phone. Wearables often feel intrusive, while apps drain your phone battery. All these without knowing how accurate such measurements are. RestOn promises to be something different. You can read more at their campaign site.

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Quick Hands on Review of the Xiaomi Mi Band

My Xiaomi Mi Band arrived yesterday. As a quick recap, the Mi Band is Xiaomi’s first foray into the fitness band wearables and will compete directly with devices such as Fitbit Flex and Jawbone. The Mi Band is not just cheap, it offers a full array of fitness tracking functionas comparable to the other market big boys and even succeed in innovating a little more.

The Mi Band is described as a fitness tracking wrist band that monitors your fitness and tracks your sleep. It features, IP67 waterproof certification, power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 LE and can be powered for 30 days on one charge. Other functions include an alarm clock, phone call alert, and automatic unlock Xiaomi phones. The main tracker itself is made of aluminium and the the wristband is a silicone type material. It is light with a total weight of 13g.

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Where to get lg G Watch R in Singapore

Most tech websites have raved about the LG G Watch R, AndroidPolice calls it “The Best Android Wear Has To Offer Right Now”. AndroidAuthority gives it a 9/10 and says that the “LG G Watch R offers nearly everything a potential smartwatch owner could want.”

Latest Update: 31 October 2014 – G Watch R Singapore Price

For the Stylish Multi-Tasking Techies, LG Singapore has announced that the LG G Watch R would be in time for Christmas present gifting. If you’ve got your hands full this Christmas, the LG G Watch R will be a godsend! Featuring voice control capabilities, just say the words “Ok Google” to ask for things such as party details or even to send text messages on your behalf. With its stylish looks and smooth, speedy performance, the G Watch R is the world’s first watch-style wearable to feature a fully circular Plastic OLED (P-OLED) display.

With personalization in mind, this smartwatch comes with a removable black leather strap that can be replaced with any 22mm wide watch strap.

g watch r singapore

Singapore Official RRP for the LG G Watch R : S$398
Availability in Singapore for the LG G Watch R: 15 November 2014 from major retailers and telcos (i.e. Challenger, Singtel, Starhub, M1)

It’s pretty obvious too. Design-wise, there isn’t much to compare against. The Moto 360 is the only other round watch, and the G Watch R bests it with a full round screen. The surrounding bezel is a typical sporty watch addition and it is not out of place on the watch design. One issue perhaps could be that such a watch design is more masculine and may not look too nice on ladies.

The G Watch R pushes the compelling argument further by using LG propreitary P-OLED display, for enhanced brightness and more importantly, great battery life. The system specifications is also better than the Moto 360. The Moto 360 uses the Ti OMAP 3 processor which can be a little slow. There’s very little bad points on the G Watch R. Perhaps, it is missing an inbuilt GPS sensor, which Sony Smartwatch 3 is equipped with, but the G Watch R is not so much a fitness band for the enthusiasts. For basic tracking and navigating purposes, it can use the phone GPS just as well. Lastly, the price, the official US or Singapore RRP has not been announced yet. However, it is now retailing at 323,000 KRW, which is around 306 USD or 392 SGD.

For those desperately eager to get your hands on a G Watch R in Singapore, you can now order from Qoo10 for Korea domestic sets. You can easily change the language to English. There’s an early bird special price of SGD 369, which is reasonable compared to the Korea RRP. Shipping is at $12, and from the reviews and comments, seem to be pretty fast at around a week. It is also cheaper than ordering the G Watch R from eBay. One thing to take note of is that warranty is limited to Korea only. Best that you consider it as a no warranty set. Suggest you wait for two more weeks and get it at the Singapore retail shops instead.

g watch r qoo10

SensoTRACK Wearable Tracks Activity as a Earpiece

Wearables are the new fad. Not just watches though, there are also other accessories that you can adorn, such as glasses and earphones. The SensoTrack is one such device, a smart earpiece with biometric sensors, targeted at active users. It provides a lot of information too, more than just your step count or heart rate. The SensoTRACK can measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, step count, calories burned, speed, geolocation, altitude, and even body posture. More information on how you exercise is always beneficial, even if you are a casual athlete.

The SensoTRACK fits securely on your ear and stays in-place during any activity. Their proprietary optical biosensor measures heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation with the highest accuracy and precision. Also, the in-ear device allows close uninterrupted access to the temporal artery for accurate readings. Sensotrack claims that their accuracy level is on par with FDA-approved vital-sign monitoring devices, but do note they are not FDA-approved yet for that purpose.

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ZenWatch would be available End December at S$299

Asus announced today that the ZenWatch, the first wearable device from Asus, would be available in Singapore end of December. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Singapore would be one of the first few launch countries to receive the new ZenWatch. Pricing information was revealed in slides during Systems Country Manager Mr Alvin Huang presentation, with a price of S$299 or about US$230.

The price point would peg it to the more affordable range of Android smart watches, alongside the Sony Smartwatch 3, which is expected to be S$298 and the LG G Watch, currently available at S$269. The Moto 360 currently retails for US$249 (S$320) and the LG G Watch R is expected to be priced at US$325 (S$410). Right at the end of the spectrum, we have the Samsung Gear S, which retails for S$498.
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