Apple Watch – Apple's Next Chapter

It’s no surprise that people pay attention when Apple launches a new product. Just like how the iPhone and iPad revolutionise the phone and tablet market respectively, Apple’s first foray to the wearable market have drawn significant attention.

The iWatch introduces a “digital crown” which acts as a control for the watch. Users can use the dial to interact and control the Watch, while not obscuring the display. You can scroll, zoom or press it to return to the home screen. It’s rather brilliant to leverage on the crown as a control interface as it has always been part of an analog watch mechanism.

However, I wonder how does the watch work for left-handlers who wear their watch on their RIGHT wrist? The crown is in the wrong place!

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iPhone 6 Leaked Picture Showcase

Ever since the change in Apple CEO, Apple secrecy and lockdown of upcoming device have never been the same. The iPhone 6 leaks have come fast and furious and now there are the following set of press / website images showcasing the iPhone 6. Looks like the ad concept art for the iPhone 6. There have been some talks on the function of the new hole that appears on the left of the ear speaker – could that be the environment sensor?

I can’t verify the authenticity of these iPhone 6 pictures, but they are mostly consistent with what we know so far about the iPhone 6. Also, they are similar to the leaked phone model shown by Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin. On the other hand, it just looks like nicely photoshopped images aligned to previous iPhone 4 and 5 images. Could just be a concept for now. Some other interesting bits though – 100g phone? I am calling the bluff now as that is even lighter than a 4 inch iPhone 5S. With the larger display and increased battery size, it would be more logical for an increased weight. Maybe Sapphire is much lighter, I need to check it out. The 100g iPhone 6 was a rumour that bounced around in Feb this year.

Let me know what you think.

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iPhone 6 Pictures Leaked – 4.7"

A new set of photos of Apple’s alleged 4.7” iPhone 6 have surfaced, this time on the Weibo account of dreamerjimmy – Jimmy Lin Chih-ying. Photos of both the front and back of the device are seen, shot next to an iPhone 5s for comparison. The device looks taller and not wider, with better use of the bezel space.

Validity of the pictures should be high – he had also posted about the same time last year with leaked pictures of the then iPhone 5C. How does he get access to such phones? Well, the former Taiwanese singer, actor and professional race car driver is obviously well-connected.

The phone itself is inline with previous leaks – a bigger screen and a shifted position for power button. As for the finish, this could just be the initial prototype and Apple may improve it for the final release.

Here’s a translation of his first impression:


“4.7-inch screen, power button now shifted to the right, antenna now outside for better reception. Overall feel is also more rounded as compared to previous angular design. Larger screen, good grip!”

iPhone 6 Rumour Mill, Release Date & Availability

The iPhone 6 is only expected be launch in around August / September but leaks have already started with a prototype plastic mockup spotted in the wild. Is it really going to be the new iPhone? We will update this post with everything we’ve heard so far about the new iPhone 6.

According to DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh, Apple is toying with two different display sizes for its upcoming iPhone 6. Both feature more standard high-definition resolution than Apple’s current Retina displays, which would be a welcome change for many people. Hsieh’s report, which is based on his research in Apple’s supply chain, suggests that the company is testing both a 4.7-inch panel and a 5.7-inch panel. Exact resolutions are not clear but would likely continue the 16:9 resolution ratio since the iPhone 5 and also maintain the retina quality of the screens. The
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5 Free Apps to make you Smarter in your Daily Journey

A significant number of the population take public transport daily. Daily ridership on MRT alone is approximately 2.5mil in 2012, and guess what, a majority of people do on their trains? You wouldn’t be far off if you guess gaming, watching shows, and messaging. Now, the average duration spent on commute is 45 min, and if you think about it, this 45 minutes could be spent learning something new, or training our brains, making us more productive and hopefully smarter.

1. Lumosity

Challenge and train your brain with scientifically designed training programs, that are cleverly disguised as games. Also, games are randomly assigned daily and are designed in bite-sized pieces, so you can easily complete them before reaching your MRT or Bus Stop destination. The games are based on tasks used in neuropsychological studies and trains functional areas such as speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. Think you are smarter than me? Here’s my score to beat me. :) If you are interested to understand further on the Science behind it, head over to the Lumosity Blog to understand more.

The only problem: it is iOS only for now, with the Android version due to come soon. However, the Lumosity web-browser (desktop mainly) version does offer more choice of games.


One of my favorite game on the desktop version of Lumosity would be Penguin Pursuit, a seemingly simple game where you have to navigate a penguin through a maze but gets deviously complicated as the world spins around, training your spatial orientation.

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iPhone 6 Prototype Leaked, Slimmer & Finally… a Big Screen

Alleged Apple iPhone 6 Shells have been leaked on MacRumours, with images pointing to a slimmer design wa super thin bezel. Also, as it had been wildly predicted, is Apple finally going to launch a big screen iPhone to combat the Galaxy Note 3 and tons of other Android phones? Seems to be the case.

The first photos of Apple’s next generation iPhone have surfaced on Twitter, thanks to Australian writer Sonny Dickson and Twitter user Mornray886.

According to Dickson, the photos were shared by someone in China who claimed that the device is the iPhone 6. One analysis done by Virtualpants estimated the screen size of the iPhone 6 to be 5.25-inch. It seems to have an edge-to-edge display too. An easy way to do the approximation is based off the dimensions of the Lightning port which are clearly visible.


The device in the photos appears to have a width of 2.6-inch while the current iPhone 5S has a width of 2.31-inch. It also retains the biometric fingerprint sensor and comes in gold.

It’s hard to tell whether these images are fake or simply development prototypes.

Apple CEO Time Cook recently shared with The Wall Street Journal that the company will not “cross the line” until the technology is ready for a bigger iPhone. He also stated that Apple would not rule out the possibility of doing a bigger iPhone.

With last year iPhone 5S not captivating the market, and Apple significantly losing market share to the likes of Samsung and LG, Apple could be rushing for an earlier release of a big screen phone. We could be poised to see an announcement of the Apple iPhone 6 as early as May this year.

Have you heard of Apple's Red Friday? Coming 10th Jan 2014

You’ve probably heard of Black Friday, and not Red Friday. Apple has announce a one day sale across selected countries in Asia, just two weeks before the Lunar new year.  Singapore is one of those selected countries, together with countries like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

Apple will offer discounts on its products through physical retail stores, the Apple online store as well as through the App Store. Discounts will probably apply to both its Mac and Iphone mobile products. So if you’ve been waiting for the chance, now is a good time to buy an Apple product.