Top Reading Apps for Google Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is a great size for an electronic(ebook) reader. The width of the 7 inch screen makes it comfortable for holding it in one hand for reading books, magazines or comics and to complete the experience, you need some great apps for reading. Here are some of the top apps for the Google Nexus 7 to enhance the reading experience! Read More

Where to Buy Nexus 7 in Singapore

The popular Google/Asus Nexus 7 is finally available in Singapore starting from 28 Sep 2012. Priced at S$399, it only comes in the 16GB Model. It is the same price as our regional neighbours, Malaysia. It is nowhere near as cheap as the original US price of US$249 and after tax and conversion, we are looking at around S$320-ish. But in terms of specifications for an Android 7″ market, it is the best you can get, if you can live with the gripes (no microSD and HDMI).

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Top Essential Accessories for your Nexus 7

For those that already own a Nexus 7, or are planning to buy one upon its release in Singapore, here are the top essential accessories that you should buy to deck out your Nexus 7. While we are still waiting for Asus Singapore to announce when they are going to release the Nexus 7, our neighbours in Malaysia are getting excited about their 21 September launch. With the anticipated pricing of 899RM for the 8gb model, we are looking at approximately 358 SGD after conversion. We were anticipating the Singapore price for the Nexus 7 to be about S$349, and the close price range from our neighbours lend credence to the Nexus 7 pricing in Singapore. Guess we have to wait till October before Asus Singapore releases any more news. I guess if they were to do it now, the news would be buried under by the iPhone 5 hype.

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Easy way to root the Nexus 7

why would you want to root the Nexus 7? Well, previously, a number of functions were restricted to Root user but slowly, there have been alternatives that are being made available. Even mounting a USB drive via OTG is also possible without root. So, what are the advantages then?

  1. To activate Google Wallet and get a $10 prepaid card (only available till 17 Sep 12)
  2. To use specific apps like Titanium Backup, Sixaxis Controller (to use a PS3 controller with the Nexus 7), DataSync
  3. Load a custom ROM

It all depends on your usage but if you intend to go forward, I include the instructions below. You may never know if one day you might require a rooted app and at that time, it would be painful as a data wipe is required for rooting. There are really no disadvantages currently, as no apps block access after rooting. There were rumours that Google Wallet would not work on rooted devices, but it is not true. However, it will display a warning.

  1. Download ToolKit –
  2. Install driver in “drivers” folder if not already installed (it will say PdaNet)
  3. Set your Nexus 7 to USB debugging mode (Settings > Developers Options > USB Debugging)
  4. Plug in device to computer
  5. Start the Toolkit.
  6. It will asked if your bootloader is locked or unlocked. If you just bought it from Google, it’s locked.
  7. Remember this will wipe all your data. Backup your data > Unlock > Root > Enjoy!
  8. If you’d like a video of the process, check out the video below.