The all New Google Nexus Lineup: 4, 7, 10!

The all New Google Nexus Lineup: 4, 7, 10!

Despite the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in the east coast, the show still went on. Google launch event was cancelled but in a way, we are happy that it had not affected the subsequent launch of 3 Nexus products and other Google features. It’s slightly disturbing how the tech world is craving for the new products with a hurricane still imminent.

Nexus 4

We had covered the Nexus 4 previously, and no surprises from the past rumours. The specifications are similar to the LG Optimus G which hardware wise is the current top-spec phone at the moment. Alongside the best hardware, you get the latest Android 4.2 software to pair it with. The latest Android 4.2 is still called Jelly Bean so the speculation on whether the next name for Android OS releases would be Key Lime Pie is still out in the open.

Back to the Nexus 4, with hardware specs of the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon with 2GB of RAM and only at US$299 for the 8GB model and US$349 for the 16GB model. For a fair comparison of the 16GB model, it is still almost 50% of the price of the iPhone 5. The price point is very attractive. Hardware-wise, the 4.7 inch IPS screen would put it above the Samsung Galaxy S3 which uses an OLED screen, where the colours are at times over saturated. The Nexus 4 debuts the wireless charging feature and it would be interesting to see how Google/LG would market this.

So what are the disadvantages? Well, like the Nexus 7 before it, the memory is not expandable hence I would go for the 16GB model this time. I am not sure why they did not launch the 16GB and 32GB storage sizes just like the refreshed Nexus 7. I would be going for the 16gb model as using an OTG cable for my phone is not the ideal workaround for me. I think 8GB might not be enough if I wish to have a mixture of games, movies, and other media on my phone. The Nexus 4 is also not equipped with LTE, so you would be stuck with 3G speeds. With LTE just in its infant stage, I felt that the lack of it is something I could live with. By the time 4G/LTE technology matures, it would also be time for me to upgrade my Nexus 4. Speaking of which, I wonder what the future naming conventions for the Nexus devices would be. Would the number be tagged to the size of the screen? Since that is how the Nexus family is seemingly being tied to. Sales start from November 13. Like us on Facebook to stay updated! We are keen to purchase this phone and would be updating on the ideal way (perhaps through vPost / ComGateway) to ship it over to Singapore.

Refreshed Nexus 7

My Nexus 7 8GB model is now officially obsolete. The new Nexus 7 comes in sizes of 16GB and 32GB, at the previous price points and there is also an option for 3G access as well. While I don’t think that 3G access is a must, it could benefit some people out there.

Nexus 10

Interestingly enough, the Nexus 10 is now manufactured by Samsung instead of Asus, so it’s not just an increase in size. There would be a slight difference in hardware feel as compared to the Nexus 7 taking into account Samsung experience in mobile devices. It is finished with a soft-touch and has rounded corners and curvier edges. The Nexus 10 comes in with a very high resolution screen of 2560 x 1600 and an impressive battery life that would see you through almost four movies onboard a flight. Would this cannibalise the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Tab? Probably not, since Nexus devices have never really made it as market leaders and tends to target a smaller niche market of the technology-inclined folks, geeks etc. But on a specification comparison alone, it is the best tablet that you can buy. Price starts from US$399.

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  1. Would you advice someone from Singapore to purchase the Nexus devices from Google Play ? What are the best options ..using VPN and can we use a local credit card ?How about a US address ?

    1. We will update more shortly. Based on past Nexus 7 experience, Google Play does seem to check for a US-based credit card. Hence you may have to use a concierge service like Borderless Buy or ComGateway. Advantages of buying from US: Speed and Price. Singapore prices on past history had never been competitive. The Asus Nexus 7 had international warranty. I am not sure if LG would be so kind as to honour the warranty for US-purchased sets so there may be some concerns there.

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