Tech Toys

Tech Toys

Dedicated to the cheap, unique gadgets that are available from the popular online stores, eBay, DealExtreme, AliExpress, etc. These are items which I have bought for myself and have found them extremely useful. Do let me know if you come across other unique gadgets for sharing as well, I would love to post them up.

Camera handheld Monopod

Flexible Steel Autodyne Self-shot Telescopic Hand held monopod FOR camera free shipping

Great for couple travellers, it’s the perfect camera accessory that helps you with your self-composed photographs. In crowded places, it gives you that extra lift to capture photos or video above the crowds or in hard to reach places.

Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Free shipping Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Apple Mac

This Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is an Apple clone but I like it for two main reasons, it is ultra slim and gorgeous. I don’t really need the keypad and to reclaim precious desk space is always a plus. Best thing, since it is bluetooth, you could always pair it up with your iPad or Android tablet for some serious typing.

“Breffo”-style Spider Mount Holder

Spider holder

The Spiderpodium is well-named, because it’s precisely what you’d get if you somehow managed to convince a spider and a podium to mate. It has ever-so-slightly unnerving segmented legs surrounding a tiny platform. The legs — eight of them — bend easily but stay in place firmly, and they’re covered with a nice, friction-enhanced surface that holds onto plastic, aluminum and glass pretty impressively. As the artwork on the package illustrates, you can bend the podium into all sorts of useful shapes, from a low stand for typing to a high stand for reading, to a sort of hanging mount for hanging over a treadmill or from a shelf. It’s kind of like a grade-school pipe-cleaner sculpture with a purpose.

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    1. Hi Yul, wow the new leap motion is cool, but didn’t order it. Tad too expensive for now. I am still a keyboard / mouse kind of guy instead of Minority Report style, that show really is the basis for modern day UI control.

  1. I think for a revolutionary product 69USD is quite affordable. Planning to use it with my Home Theatre PC to watch movies and sound system using gestures.

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