Netflix Singapore is Live!

Netflix Singapore is now live. In a big announcement at CES 2016, the Internet TV provider announces its’ global availability in more than 130 new countries around the world. With this global launch, consumers from around the world will be able to enjoy TV shows and movies on nearly any Internet-connected device including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and game consoles.

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Netflix Comes to Singapore (Early 2016)

Couch potatoes can rejoice as Netflix will come to Singapore in early 2016. Singaporeans can sign up directly to Netflix movie and TV streaming service instead of jumping through confusing VPN/DNS hoops.

Netflix hosts a selection of popular TV shows and movies in high definition and Ultra HD 4K “on nearly any internet-connected screen”. Once launched, internet users in Singapore will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of popular TV shows and movies on nearly any internet-connected screen. Netflix content differs from region to region.
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Best Music Streaming Service / Website for Singapore

These days there are more than a few ways to listen to free music online that one could become slightly overwhelmed by the choices. We’ve done a quick run up for some of the music services out there that works in Singapore and the plus and minus of each service. Services like Pandora which is the Grandaddy of music streaming or Spotify check your IP location so you can only access them through a VPN.

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