How to root the iNo One on Windows

How to root the iNo One on Windows

You’ll need to root your iNo One if you need to apply various tweaks to your phone. These include using turn navigation for google maps in singapore, doing backups for your applications etc. Not to mention, it’s a simple two step process. (this applies only if your PC is a windows PC)

Two steps to root your iNo One:

1) Install drivers for your phone

2) Download, install and use unlockroot

Read on for more in-depth details:

Installing drivers for iNo One

1) Download and unzip the usb drivers

2) On your phones, go to “System settings -> Developer options”. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled/checked.

3) Connect your phone to your computer, and install the usb drivers accordingly. If this doesn’t work automatically, go to device manager, look for “other devices”. There should be a m65xx device with a question mark sign. Select it, and install drivers for it.

Using unlockroot (method I personally used. Tested and working) 

Do ensure that your phone is in MTP mode after it is connected to your computer


1) Download and install unlockroot. Do note that the software installer asks if you would like to install many other bloatware. Just deselect them all if you are not interested.

2) Look for “Root” at the bottom left. Select it.

3) It will ask you to select which device you would like to root. If you have connected your iNo One, and installed the drivers, it will appear as an option.

You’re done. No other action required from you

Other methods to root (Tested by others to be working)

Do ensure that your phone is in MTP mode after it is connected to your computer

Use the following if you have problems with the above. They are basically batch files that pushes the Super User files into your phone using ADB. I’ve checked through the batch commands. No malicious intent. Note they all have similar names. Note that you might have to allow unsigned programs to be installed (because of busybox installation)

1) TPsparkyroot (*update* I’ve tried rooting version 1.0.4 with this. confirmed working)

2) Root and Unroot

3) Android Root Unlock


Why would you want to root your phone

You can do stuff like install turn by turn navigation for google maps in Singapore. You can back up your software. You can fix various software issues that came with the ino rom without waiting for an upgrade.

Note: Do note that rooting your phone will void your warranty. But to unroot your phone is a similar pain-free process.

15 Replies to “How to root the iNo One on Windows”

  1. Hi, maybe you can share which error message you got. Then we can help you out. Did you manage to try the other methods?

  2. iim getting the same error…failed to get shell root.

    win 7 auto install driver for me..i didnt use the downloaded driver as there is no chance for me to do so and ino appear as an option in the root program.
    so i assume its installed

  3. tried the alternative method..
    both doesnt work.

    item1 – last part said “permission denied”
    item 2 – couldnt find my device.

    anyone can help? thanx

  4. Need to install the drivers from the link above, otherwise the programs won’t be able to connect to your phone in the first place.

    Assuming you are past the win 7 auto install,

    open up control panel, to your hardware management. Look for either unknown devices, or android devices. remove the drivers. Then add new devices, using the downloaded drivers. don’t use the automated process.

  5. I tried unlockroot. Error message: Failed to get shell root
    Also TPsparkyroot. Error message: device not found

    Please help!!!

  6. My ino one keep on rebooting and the unlock is stuck at ‘chmod file 755 busybox’….then a prompt comes out with ‘failed to get shell root,please use the services of our professional root’….I just notice that the website where I download this software states that it should be version 3.3 but what is installed is version 3.1….I think should download the unlockpro v3.3 maybe that will work.

    1. Sorry,the pro version even though can download and install…upon opening up the program have to pay.

  7. Hi,for the 2nd method,can please be more specific…after downloading the files,what do i do with them?

    1. What is your phone firmware version? For the second method, there should be a tsparkyroot.bat file, or something similar. Basically just need to run the file.

  8. Hi Dino,

    You don’t need the Pro version.

    Have you downloaded and installed the USB drvers?
    On your phone, go to “System settings -> Developer options”. Ensure that USB debugging is enabled/checked.