Tips for the iNo One

Tips for the iNo One

The iNo One is a good phone for its value. But the feel of the software is pretty raw. You might encounter various ‘bugs’ along the way. Here are some fixes to the problems. Note that most of these software solution tweaks require root access.

Issues with Google maps location API

This affects aps like UOB and DBS mobile banking apps. Location maps like Shownearby are also affected. This is because is missing from  the folder/system/framework.


1) Install and run this program in your phone


2) Manually copy the file from /system/frameworks/ to /system/framework/

Removing the red lines that appear under every word you type

This is a result of the fact that most word’s are not in the android’s keyboard dictionary. Problem will still exist even if you use a different keyboard program.


Copy the following APK into /system/apps/


Make sure the permissions are rw-r–r–

Battery Life

I personally found the battery life to be acceptable. But there are complaints.

1) Install betterbatterystats. This will let you know what is draining your batterylife

2) iNo One appears to have issues with the LED notification. Disabling things like LED notification for WhatsApp will save you lots of battery life.

Taking a screenshot using iNo One

Press the power button and vol down button at the same time. It has to be performed at the same time.

You will get a notification that a screenshot has been taken.


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  1. i tired to use the rooting method you used. however, when installing the unlockroot program. it keep saying network error and the program download get stuck at 0 percent

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