MK808 Update Firmware (1080p)

MK808 Update Firmware (1080p)

The MK808 outputs video at a very odd resolution, 1024×768, regardless of which resolution it is actually set to. It supposedly supports 720p and 1080p resolution but somehow, the actual output resolution is 1024×768. Courtesy of, there’s an updated firmware that supports 1080p for the MK808.

This firmware looks pretty good so far. It is a custom kernel based on 4.1.1 and also with 1080p support. The CPU comes overclocked at 1.4 GHz which has been pretty stable for most people and the new resolution solves some of the bigger issues that plagued the MK808. More sound options(including sound devices), ethernet option, Netflix support and it comes rooted as well. If you wish to know more about the MK808, do read up on our original article coverage here, and if you are looking to buy one, its available from Amazon at only $58.50.

MK808 Firmware Update Guide:

  1. Download all the file from the link below, you will get 3 files, one is the firmware with *.IMG format, the other are two compressed files. Download firmwareand the flash tool and USB driver here.
  2. Decompress that two files, you will get two folder, one name is “RockusbDriver”,this is the USB driver for MK808, there are different version (win7,win xp,win vista), please choose the correct one when you install the driver; the other folder name is” 量产工具1.5″ this is the flash tool;
  3. Get a paper clip and insert it into the hole on the top right corner of the MK808 back casing. See pictures for details.


  4. Press this button with your clip, and while it is being pressed, connect your MK808 mini PC to the USB OTG port, do not connect the mk808 with pc otherwise; After you do that, your computer will inform you there is a new device connecting,and then you just need to choose the correct usb driver from the folder” RockusbDriver“ ,and then the driver will be installed.
  5. Open the flash tool,click ”RKBatchTool“,you can change the tools’ language as the following photo instruction” click “语言”, select “英文”.
  6. Choose the firmware you just download and click “Restore” button to flash the firmware

7 Replies to “MK808 Update Firmware (1080p)”

  1. Sorry
    after loading and unzip i got only *.img file and i am still waiting for RockusbDriver” and RKBatchTool“

    Have you an answer


  2. Hi. I use Toshiba laptop with Window 7 64bit. When I tried to update driver, it informed that driver found but could not install, due to incompatibility (win 7). When I opened flash tool it didnt find the device.
    Any help would greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Leon, do you have administrator rights for the laptop? The drivers are unsigned and hence there could be an incompatibility warning but do proceed to install the driver still. Is it able to work with this workaround?