SG!Radio – Plugin for XBMC for Singapore Radio

SG!Radio – Plugin for XBMC for Singapore Radio

The SG!Radio Plugin allows you to listen to Singapore Radio channels through XBMC. This is a quick hack to stream local Singapore Radio channels over XBMC media player interface.

sg!radio plugin xbmc

Similar to my other SG!TV – Plugin for XBMC, I have written a plugin for XBMC – SG!Radio for personal use. This is just a simple Radio plugin that thus far only list 5 local Singapore radio channels and streams them over the internet. No fancy stuff like current song list or lyrics but may be implemented if there’s sufficient demand for it. The available channels are Gold 90.5, Y.E.S. 93.3, Class 95, FM 987 and Lush 99.5. This is the current beta version for streaming the local radio channels and it really is a bruteforce-type of implementation, so it may likely have a tendency to break once MediaCorp switches the stream channels. However my personal experience is that it had remained a static address for quite sometime. I am currently not using any repository and hosting the addon directly, so if you would like to try it: appreciate if you can download it here.

Download (here).
Appreciate if you do not direct link to the files, if you wish to share a link, please refer to my website, thanks. Also, if you like the plugin, help me share or like this page on Facebook so that the word gets around. Thank you!

For XBMC :
Go to C:UserUsernameAppDataRoamingXBMCAddons
Unzip the folder
Start XBMC and go to Music – > Addons
Thanks for reading. I hope you like the Plugin / Addon and if you have any comments or suggestions, I look forward to receiving your feedback.

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    1. Thanks for the support! I am hoping to come up with a PLEX version by maybe 1 or 2 weeks time? Stopped using PLEX so development would be a little more difficult.