How to root the iNO One Plus on windows

How to root the iNO One Plus on windows

The previous methods to root the iNo One do not work for the iNo One Plus. So here’s an alternative method. Rooting grants you access to more indepth features of the phone, such as screen mirroring, app backups etc. However, ensure you understand that you are assuming all risks and will void your warranty. If you do not want to risk it, stop now.

  1. Make sure your phone has USB debugging enabled. (In Settings -> Developer Options)
  2. Install the drivers for your phone. When you connect your phone to your computer via usb, a “cd-rom” drive will be detected. Either let it autorun, or run setup from within the director. This will install the drivers for the phone.
  3. Download 刷机精灵.
  4. Run 刷机精灵.
  5. Select last tab 实用工.
  6. Under 快捷工具, select Root破解.
  7. Just follow the instructions (basically clicking next) And you’ll be rooted in 2 easy clicks

This method will basically install a Chinese android helper software into your phone, as well as rooting it. There will also be a Chinese version of “superuser” to manage your root access. You’ll have to install your own preferred version from Google Play Store (Superuser, Super SU) if you want.


16 Replies to “How to root the iNO One Plus on windows”

  1. Hi, how do I get superuser to take over the chinese version to manage my root access? Thanks!

    1. -You’ll need to install your preferred superuser program from play store
      -Open up the super user that you installed. IT will ask for root access and ask to install neccessary binaries. Do it.
      – After which, you can uninstall the chinese version. It’s the same as uninstalling any system application. I used titanium app to uninstall for my case

  2. Hi, just wanna ask what exactly does this 刷机精灵 install on the phone. And are there any bugs after installation? Thanks thanks! :)

  3. I can’t root the phone despite following the instructions. It just said fail and ask me to retry. Can you advice me on what to do?

  4. No go, 90% of the time when I try to connect my phone, the program does not detect my phone. And when it does detect and I attempt to root, the restore prompt comes out, I agree, and then it tells me there isn’t enough space or something along those lines in chinese.

    It’s not possible as there’s 2GB worth of space on the phone! After that, the phone will get very laggy and slow, when it was very fast and snappy before I attempted anything.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  5. Worked flawlessly. I’m on the latest firmware (1.0.10) and downloaded the latest rooting software. The phone will boot a few rounds but it will get rooted in the end. Btw, the bundled driver did not install on my Win8 (64 bits) so I got an old WinXP to help me. I heard PDAnet works on many unknown android devices but I had yet to try.

  6. Phone could connect to win7 64-bit using shuame but unable to root. After keying in nothing and proceeded with restore, They said something wrong with my SD card or something in Chinese. And refuses to root afterwards after multiple reboots. Still can’t figure out the problem.