iPhone 5S – Now in Gold

iPhone 5S – Now in Gold

Gold is in this season, with the iPhone 5S rumoured to launch in an all new Champagne Gold option. So with the iPhone 5C, offering you the typical rainbow palette of red/blue/green/yellow, the classier and more ‘atas’ iPhone 5S model would offer the premium choices of Black (Slate), white (aluminium) and gold.

Reportedly due to be revealed on September 10, the two new mobile devices are touted to be a way for the tech giant to “regain momentum” and potentially snag marketshare from rival firm Samsung. The iPhone 5S in Gold would make a nice colour option for rich Chinese tow-kays to add some swag. The sad thing is too many buyers would be covering their phones up in casings, and hiding the original colour.


Apple wants to make gold “this season’s colour”. And why not? A gold iPhone helps solve a perception problem problem for Apple in that when the average consumer sees someone using an iPhone in public, it’s not obvious that this device is the latest-and-greatest. Apple’s problem here is that it can only create a demand in the market for the “new shiny” when normal people can tell the difference.

And a gold iPhone does exactly that. If you’re at a Starbucks or Coffee joint and see one of those lying on the table, you’re going to know it’s a new iPhone. Sometimes, people buy the latest phone model just for bragging rights, and this helps Apple solve the problem.

Published on Japanese website ACSII, the latest leak in relation to these reports shows new iPhones in a selection of colors, including the rumored champagne gold. Although unconfirmed, these images do seem more plausible, especially with the September 10 date just a couple of weeks away.

Here’s more pictures of the leaked model.