Buying the OnePlus One in Singapore – Plus free invites!

Buying the OnePlus One in Singapore – Plus free invites!

Here’s an overview of what it took to purchase the OnePlus One, via USA and ship it back to Singapore. The OnePlus One is finally going to start taking in Pre-orders at the end of October. But it doesn’t ship to Singapore. One option is to purchase it in the USA, and ship it back to Singapore. End of October is a long time to wait, and we don’t know how long it will take before the orders are fulfilled too.

And so that you don’t have to wait till the end of October, we are giving away two invites that would let you purchase the phones right now! Read on to find out how to score free invites to the OnePlusOne!

Shipping Process

It takes OnePlus 1-2 days to ship out the phone. Take it as 2 days Singapore time. It will then take another 2 days to ship out to the forwarding company.

I used ComGateway, and they processed the package the next day after receiving the package. They then sent out the package that evening after I made payment. I used the standard delivery, so delivery was by Fedex. Express delivery is slightly more expensive, and would be by DHL.

Fedex took 6 days to deliver the item, including weekends. It was shipped out Thursday USA time, and reached Singapore on Tuesday the next week.

Total Cost of buying the OnePlusOne in Singapore

The phone itself costs USD 349 + 14.34 in shipping charges.

Comgateway charges came up to USD 17.20. That includes shipping, insurance and fuel surcharge for that day.

Total cost comes up to around S$494 based on an exchange rate of 1:1.3.

Things to Note when buying the OnePlusOne

Do buy the phone cover along with the phone. It’s actually quite good. If you missed out on buying the cover, don’t bother. You’ll be charged exorbitant shipping charges if you buy it separately.


As mentioned, we’re giving away invites to buy the phone. All the best!

The winner will be announced on Sunday early morning. The invite will be emailed to the winner, and he’ll have until Sunday 6 pm to claim the invite. Don’t waste it if you win it.

As rafflecopter does not validate the entries properly, we’ll be doing a manual validation prior to announcing the winner. Please doublecheck to ensure that you have really completed the task, to increase your chance of winning. This is to ensure fairness for all. 

Update: The winners have been chosen, as listed below. An email has been sent out to the winners with the invite. Please claim them as soon as possible. If not the invites will be shared if someone else if the invite is expiring but not claimed.

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  1. Oooo. One plus one guide catered for Singaporeans. I find Gadget reactor is choreographed for Singaporean tech followers but still applicable to regional readers. Keep it up!

  2. Hello there !!

    Thanks for your valuable info. Im planning to preorder it. However, Is there also an additional import duty levied by Singapore customs ? when DHL/FEDEX delivers ?

    If so can you confirm how much. Thanks.

    1. It is a risk if you do not wish to declare the purchase value when importing it to Singapore. Not sure how OnePlusOne handles the shipping too.

  3. Hello Senthil,

    Thank you. I bought the oneplus one using the invite I won. I didn’t get any invite from oneplus to give away to others. Once i get the invites from them, definitely I will share here.

    Hope you have ordered the phone during the pre order. If not,let me know, I will share the invites once I get some.