How To: Sony PS4 Remote Play on OTHER Android Devices

How To: Sony PS4 Remote Play on OTHER Android Devices

The recently announced Xperia Z3 has a really cool feature of allowing PS4 Remote Play so that you can remotely play Playstation 4 games through your Xperia mobile device, having access to your console games even when you are out and about.

According to comment from a Sony representative, the company has “no intent to bring remote play to any device other than Xperia” – a disappointment for anyone wanting to try out the feature on their non-Xperia device. No surprises there though, this was a big feature and you don’t want your competitors to offer the same advantage. Installation is pretty easy and you should head over to the XDA forums for the full details.

You would need ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery, which means a rooted phone though. But that’s a small price to pay if you are an existing Playstation 4 owner, and holding on to an alternative Android device. Now, you can still your favourite Samsung, HTC, LG phone and still have access to the Sony PS4 Remote Play feature.


PS4 remote play will allow players to go from gaming on their console to seamlessly switching over to their Xperia mobile device and taking the game on the go whether it be upstairs to the bedroom or vacation with the family. This is a highly anticipated feature and allows for transmission of the Playstation 4 processing and graphical capabilities to your mobile device. Latency might be an issue as the streams would be transmitted over a WiFi connection to the mobile device which in turn is able to receive and process the streams, and send back controller input to the PS4.

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