Installing a Lollipop ROM on my G Pro 2

Installing a Lollipop ROM on my G Pro 2

The LG G Pro 2 Lollipop update is rumored to arrive around March 2015 but for those who can’t wait, there are a number of ROMs available based on the leaked beta versions that you can try.

I haven’t written much about my G Pro 2 but it’s a phone I have enjoyed using. It was released around March last year but has held up pretty well, with the reasonably powerful internals but the best part of the phone has to be the 5.9″ screen. It is similar to the Nexus 6, but is in fact slimmer and lighter, and also, cheaper.

First up, there are two models of the LG G Pro 2 (F350 and D838). The F350 is the Korean version of the G PRO 2, which supports a different set of network bands. You can check by heading to SETTINGS -> ABOUT PHONE -> SOFTWARE VERSION and note the prefix used to determine your particular model type.

The Drake Series ROM is prepared by anirudhks from XDA-Developer forums, and it is based on D838 Lollipop base. It comes with all stock apps and slight modifications to enhance the battery life. Installation is pretty straight forward too.

Step 1 – Root your phone

The G PRO 2 can be rooted easily with Towelroot. Install TR.apk and follow the app instructions. You would be prompted first to allow app installation from unknown sources. Second, there might be a request to send app information to Google for validation. If you select yes, the next prompt would indicate that this app can compromise your phone. Well, it is a rooting app so no surprises here. Accept to continue.

Get Towelroot apk here.

Step 2 – Get the ROM

Download the ROM and transfer to the internal memory of your G PRO 2. You should not copy it to your microSD Card as the recovery version installed in Step 3 is not able to read it.

Get the ROM here for D838.

Get the following ROM if you are using the F350. This is the original leaked ROM for the F350 and should not be installed on a D838. Link

Step 3 – Install Recovery

Install the APK. Select Flash recovery, and after the OK prompt. Reboot to recovery. Although the thread title states for F350 – it works on D838. I installed on mine without a hitch.

Get the recovery installer here

Step 4 – Install the ROM

Reboot to recovery as mentioned in Step 3. Proceed to Install ZIP, and select the Drake zip file. It takes a couple of minutes to flash.

lollipop-gpro2-xda (3)

Step 5 – Wipe Data / Cache

Once completed, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Next, Wipe Cache. Last, proceed to advanced to wipe Dalvik.

Step 6 – Be Patient

The first boot can take up to five minutes. Be patient. You would also the initial loading and optimisation of apps to be displayed in the Vietnamese language. Well, that was the source of the leak but once you change the default language, subsequent boots would be fixed, and you would see the following welcome screen.

lollipop-gpro2-xda (1)

For a full Lollipop experience, get the Google Now Launcher, Google Keyboard, and Google Messenger, apps.


As of now, I don’t notice any bugs. However, the official LG G Pro 2 lollipop ROM is slated to come around March / April (hopefully). I would not be able to update directly to the official ROM when it is released.

6 Replies to “Installing a Lollipop ROM on my G Pro 2”

  1. My problem is that I have F350L 10d, the Korean ROM and am living in Egypt, so some features are not available ( Video Calling, MMS) . I have checked all APN possible settings with Vodafone support in Cairo, but no. Due to this ROM, the phone thinks he is in Korea, and always giving ” Since you are in global roaming, no video call allowed” , even if the Roaming is OFF. Now if I upgrade to the New F350L ROM, then i will have the same problems. My question is can I upgrade to D838 ROM ? and is there a recovery in this case ? Thanks

  2. I have D838 10f . Can I install this rom without any problems? And I tried towelroot is not successful for rootingrooting, please advice

  3. Hi, I have LG G Pro 2 F350L though I’m not living in Korea. It is running LG’s lollipop. Since it is a Korean version therefore there are some aspects of my rom in Korean which I don’t like the most as I am unable to understand it. Also, I am unable to run 3G or 4G in my country as I cannot see the option. How can i convert it to the other version i.e. D837.

      1. It was so nice of you for helping me out. Unfortunately I am still unable to get success in running either 2G, 3G, or 4G in my country. May be I am still forwarding in the wrong direction and again need your help. I went on clicking “Network Mode” and found five different options to chose from:
        1. LTE only
        2. Global + LTE
        3. GSM/WCDMA auto
        4. WCDMA only
        5. GSM only
        I tried all five of them but didn’t get any luck in running internet on my device through sim. Any advice?