LG G4 Bootloop issue with petition [Worldwide]

LG G4 Bootloop issue with petition [Worldwide]

To most people into the technology gadgets, it is common for people to avoid the first batch of newly-launched product to avoid unforeseen issue.

This time round, the issue happened on one of the best 2015 flagship phone, the LG G4.

Users around the world has been pointing out that LG G4 gets into unknown bootloop & required changing of motherboard to fix the issue. This issue mainly pointed to the first batch of LG G4 with the 505 serial number (Manufactured on May last year).

There are discussion going on among LG G4 users on website such as Reddit/Xda & many more tech-related sites.
According to most affected users, their G4 bootloop issue occurred without any warning. Thus not giving them anytime to do any backup. As all of the data stored on the phone will be unrecoverable with the changing of motherboard, majority of the users lost their precious data overnight. This caused great upset for G4 users, especially those whom got the flagship phone when it was first launched in last year May.

A petition has been set up on change.org [https://www.change.org/p/lg-mobile-launch-a-replacement-program-for-defective-lg-g4s] . Started in less than 24 hours, there has been more than 1000 G4 users signing up for the petition urging LG to acknowledge this issue and provide a replacement program for all affected user.

As an owner of LG G4 (which happened to be the 505 series), I have been avoiding to use G4 as main driver while waiting for LG Mobile Singapore to respond to this issue.

One Reply to “LG G4 Bootloop issue with petition [Worldwide]”

  1. I saw that LG US issued a statement that they would fix the problem, a hardware issue, for those who have the bootloop issue.

    But seems like it would be too late as users would have already lost the data.

    In the meantime, use a SD card?