Review: Gateman WF10 Digital Lock

Review: Gateman WF10 Digital Lock

I bought the Gateman WF10 digital lock for my home. My first step towards a smart home should start from the entrance. It’s one of those gadgets which I have really appreciated after using it – simple, secure, convenient.

The Gateman WF10 is a handle-less digital rim lock that provides biometric (ie fingerprint recognition) and pin number access. It is easy on the budget too (I bought it directly from Korea through Qoo10) and it is quite the popular choice for homes. I installed it alongside my existing lock set so I can still lock it the traditional way if required. Gateman designs and manufactures digital door lock for the Yale brand. Korea is a huge proponent of digital door locks and Gateman is widely used there. If you are worried about the brand, this model is the same as Yale YDR4110 but it is assembled in Korea (not China) and is significantly cheaper.


  • User selectable PIN number from 4 to 12 digits
  • Record up to 20 fingerprints
  • Manual or automatic lock setting (after it senses that door has closed)
  • Burglar alarm on force detection
  • fire detection sensor (Above 75 degree Celsius) – auto unlock
  • Open door with fake password
  • Korea voice/melody/mute (selectable) for normal operations; Korean voice guide during programming
  • The life span of the battery is 1 year (with the usage of 10 times per day)
  • Emergency external battery terminal and low battery alarm
  • Able to install remote controller

wf10 gateman information

Advantages of the WF10 Digital Lock

  • NO MORE KEYS. You won’t have to carry around a large set of keys and they will be less likely to be lost or stolen. Also, if you are a landlord, you don’t have to give residents keys or replace them if they lose them.

  • CONTROL. For friends and family, you can allow people to enter without a key. Only a guest PIN code without the need of duplicating keys. It is actually more secure this way and you can easily change the PIN code whenever you like.

  • SECURE. Fingerprint access means less chance for people to steal your PIN. If you use your pin and there are people around you, you can either (1) enter a fake combination followed by the real PIN or (2) enter the real PIN followed by the fake combination before touching with your palm or the * key to end.

Disadvantages of the WF10 Digital Lock

  • FINGERPRINT SENSOR NOT UP TO MARK. I have been spoilt on fast and accurate fingerprint sensors from mobile phones. Initially, I felt the fingerprint reader to be quite difficult to use and required multiple retries. So much so that I switched to using PIN instead. It requires you to swipe your finger through and there’s a certain technique to it. I recently took the time to get the hang of it and now opening it is easier but not as slick as using my phone.

gateman wf10 fingerprint instructions

  • ONLY 1 PIN COMBINATION. I would have preferred if I could set a temporary Guest PIN to pass to family / friends and then disable it subsequently. In this instance, you would have to over ride your password PIN as it would be deleted when the new password is registered.

  • NO BATTERY. The WF10 operates on 4 AAA batteries and if you forget to change them(it will warn you), you would have to buy a 9V battery to temporarily power it up.

  • HARDWARE FAILURE. I guess this would be my biggest worry since there is no mechanical key over ride. However, Yale and Gateman are big brands and I think support / information would be accessible. This is also a popular model and feedback till date has been positive.


I don’t really like to bring keys out but a typical HDB has two main locks, the gate followed by the door. In this case, I installed the digital lock on the door and retain the lock + key set on my gate lock. I would leave the metal gate unlocked when I go downstairs or going for a jog, but would still lock it for longer periods. I am still looking around for an affordable gate digital lock set / combination. If you want a cheap installer / DIY kit for the Gateman WF10 for metal gate, check out Delockbox from Handyman which looks reasonably priced. I didn’t try it though.

gateman wf10 (1)

Otherwise, I think this Gateman WF10 is quite value for money. The Korean voice prompt and manual is of no help but the english manual comes in really handy. It’s strange, most sellers don’t make the translated manual publicly available. Instead, they will email you a horribly translated copy. Instead, just refer to the Yale manual, which I have uploaded to my Dropbox.

You can find this model from the local installers such as Interlock or An Digital Lock and more. They typically price it at around 300+ which includes installation. The Yale model sells for even more expensive. I bought it from GoniGlobal Qoo10 – shipping was via Fedex and I received it after 3 days. I paid $120 ($153 base price + $10 shipping, offset $10 item coupon, $20 cart coupon, $3 QMoney rebate, $10 QooPoints, credit card rebates). For installation, I got it from Intergizmo which is also available through Qoo10 but prices have gone up. I paid $58 ($100 base price, offset $10 item coupon, $20 cart coupon, $2 Qmoney rebate, $10 QooPoints, credit card rebates). The installation service was professional – He arrived on time (highly appreciated) and the digital lock installation was completed within half an hour.

Total Price for the Gateman WF10 Digital Lock + Installation – $180


Purchase the Gateman WF10 from Qoo10
For Installation Service of Digital Locks

So, that’s the start to my journey to a Smarter home. If you want something nicer looking, the Samsung P910 Push / Pull digital lock was a strong contender for me, but the hassle of replacing the lockset and the price (about $200 more), I picked the Gateman WF-10 in the end. I would recommend going with an installer unless you are pretty handy with tools, and also have a 32mm hole drill available.

7 Replies to “Review: Gateman WF10 Digital Lock”

  1. Hi Sean,

    Thanks for this post. Am looking at a digital door lock too.

    Is there a concern that local support might not be available in the event of an emergency or product failure? How would you obtain warranty?

    Also, how “clean” is the drilling of the holes by InterGizmo? Hopefully no damage to other parts of your door.

    Lastly, any thoughts on the positioning of the digital lock vs. your manual lock? In my case, I have a long vertical door handle, and it gets in the way of the scanner.


    1. Hi Stephen,

      Yes, the local support is a concern, but it’s a risk I took as I find the mark up in pricing too high for these digital locks. Other considerations were the reliability of the brands, (Gateman, Samsung digital locks have quite good track record) and also if any DOA, I would take it up with the seller immediately, but otherwise, subsequent warranty claims would be difficult. If I need repairs etc, I think there are many Gateman / Yale importers / installers in Singapore and perhaps I can pay one of them if required in future.

      My last concern and maybe the most important one is the “what if” event if the lock fails and I am not able to get in. I don’t have an answer to that though, and it is still a risk / concern. That’s where locks with mechanical key over ride would be useful.

      I thought InterGizmo did a good job. Overall quite clean, although the 32mm hole did not fully match (he drilled half from both sides of the door), but can’t be seen anyway after the lock is installed. Other parts of the door not damaged, and he was quite professional in assessing the positioning of the latch to ensure the digital door lock will close properly.

      For your case, maybe you can put towards the edge of the door next to the handle. It should be in the same vicinity as your current lockset. See the last picture here.

      Cheers and hope this helps!

  2. Hi Sean,

    How much did you pay for the lock online? Can you share the number of the installation agency?


    1. Hi! I used the installer here –
      their contact details are available on the page.

      Their price seemed to have went up and Qoo10 coupons are less attractive.

      Previously I paid $120 ($153 base price + $10 shipping, offset $10 item coupon, $20 cart coupon, $3 QMoney rebate, $10 QooPoints, credit card rebates). For installation, I got it from Intergizmo which is also available through Qoo10 but prices have gone up. I paid $58 ($100 base price, offset $10 item coupon, $20 cart coupon, $2 Qmoney rebate, $10 QooPoints, credit card rebates)