Unboxing Google Wifi

Unboxing Google Wifi

Follow me on my unboxing journey of Google WiFi.

You would notice that the box is rather big.

I see some weird wooden pieces on the top of the box.

After untying them, I think they are coasters. I am not too sure though. Well, it will serve to remind you on Google WiFi key features.

More box shots.

Here’s all the important contents! The LAN cable provided is rather long and flat, which is a plus. There’s a USB-C power plug, 5V 3A. It’s well built and relatively compact, with a collapsible UK ground pin. I’m quite surprised that it’s using USB-C but that’s definitely the way ahead, so a thumbs up to Google here.

There’s a big groove on the bottom, to assist with cable management.

Setup was generally straight forward, I did ran into some problems while setting up which I will talk about subsequently in the full review.

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