Impress Your Date at Unique Locations this Valentine's

Growing disenchanted of the fancy yet expensive candlelight dinners at highly frequented restaurants? presents a list of unorthodox locations, where you and your Valentine can dine with Foodpanda! Foodpanda wants to help geeks surprise their sweethearts with a warm hot meal with no cooking and cleaning.

This Valentine’s Day, Foodpanda also hopes to invite users to have a private celebration without the queues and crowds. Living up to its namesake as the number one online food market place, is able to deliver valentine’s dinner to anywhere from Pulau Ubin to Henderson Waves as long as you have a postal code / mobile number. With a matter of minutes of punching in your postal code, mobile app is able to provide access on the recommended food establishments that would be able to deliver a hot meal to us within 45 to 60 minutes.

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Saving your mobile data with Opera Max

In case you didn’t know, Opera Max is now available for use in Singapore. Opera Max claims to do the following:

Opera Max is a data-savings app that shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on your phone. Extend your data plan up to 50% for free.

In my experience, it’s more like saving 10%. But it varies drastically depending on your surfing habits. For me, the app that it saves the most data in is 9gag (graphic intensive and saving around 30%), and normal browsing (18%) But hey, most Singaporeans are on a very small data plan quota, so every bit helps i guess.

Opera Max works by using a VPN connection to their server, where they will try to compress the data before sending it to your phone, without affecting quality too much. Thus it works best on photos and videos. It also means you can’t use a VPN connection while using Opera Max at the same time. Connection speed wasn’t affected significantly, thank fully. But I found it irritating to have Opera Max constantly with a notification on your status bar. Didn’t see any other negatives in using the app otherwise. For those worried about security, only non-encrypted data is rerouted. Content over a HTTPS connection would still be direct to the original server.

Opera Max is available as a free download on Google Play for smartphones running Android 4.0 or above.

If it is primarily browsing data that you want to compress and you use Chrome, you can enable a similar feature as well. There’s no need for Opera. Head over to settings and turn on “Reduce Data Usage”.

Microsoft Office (Mobile) now Free

Microsoft’s Office suite for Android and iOS is now free. Microsoft have been pretty generous as of late, starting with first a strategic partnership with Cloud giant Dropbox for an integrated offering across their cloud platform to edit Microsoft Office documents direct from the mobile app. Definitely a useful feature. Most people are using Dropbox instead of Microsoft own OneDrive although OneDrive is fast improving and does offer more storage space (15gb vs 2gb on sign up). But let’s face it, if you are using a mac, you would be using Dropbox over OneDrive. Free mobile Microsoft Office is their latest step in aggressively pushing adoption for Microsoft Office. If you used Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, it is definitely a good move to use the Android or iOS app. On the desktop you can use the web-based office apps that runs on the cloud.
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How To: Sony PS4 Remote Play on OTHER Android Devices

The recently announced Xperia Z3 has a really cool feature of allowing PS4 Remote Play so that you can remotely play Playstation 4 games through your Xperia mobile device, having access to your console games even when you are out and about.

According to comment from a Sony representative, the company has “no intent to bring remote play to any device other than Xperia” – a disappointment for anyone wanting to try out the feature on their non-Xperia device. No surprises there though, this was a big feature and you don’t want your competitors to offer the same advantage. Installation is pretty easy and you should head over to the XDA forums for the full details.
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Free Ice Cream by Tupperware (Mobile App) on 22 Apr

It’s not exactly Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day but next Tuesday will have the chance of another free ice cream and a recyclable Tupperware to save the Earth.

Tupperware Brands Singapore is proud to celebrate the launch of their new mobile app on Earth Day 2014 (22nd April). Treat yourself to a free scoop of ice-cream in a mini Tupperware with a Hang-On-Spoon, redeemable at 6 locations island-wide, by simply flashing the new Tupperware mobile app at participating iconic Ice Cream Uncle mobile kiosks.

The new Tupperware Brands Singapore Mobile App helps the brand reduce physical paper catalogues by offering electronic catalogues instead. Well, I would greatly prefer if it was in a PDF, instead of an app. Nonetheless, download and flash the Tupperware Brands Singapore Mobile App to redeem a free scoop of ice-cream in a mini-tupperware with a hang on spoon. Do not eat and throw away though, as this is conjunction with Save the Earth. Do your part by reducing waste, recycle, and reuse.
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5 Free Apps to make you Smarter in your Daily Journey

A significant number of the population take public transport daily. Daily ridership on MRT alone is approximately 2.5mil in 2012, and guess what, a majority of people do on their trains? You wouldn’t be far off if you guess gaming, watching shows, and messaging. Now, the average duration spent on commute is 45 min, and if you think about it, this 45 minutes could be spent learning something new, or training our brains, making us more productive and hopefully smarter.

1. Lumosity

Challenge and train your brain with scientifically designed training programs, that are cleverly disguised as games. Also, games are randomly assigned daily and are designed in bite-sized pieces, so you can easily complete them before reaching your MRT or Bus Stop destination. The games are based on tasks used in neuropsychological studies and trains functional areas such as speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. Think you are smarter than me? Here’s my score to beat me. :) If you are interested to understand further on the Science behind it, head over to the Lumosity Blog to understand more.

The only problem: it is iOS only for now, with the Android version due to come soon. However, the Lumosity web-browser (desktop mainly) version does offer more choice of games.


One of my favorite game on the desktop version of Lumosity would be Penguin Pursuit, a seemingly simple game where you have to navigate a penguin through a maze but gets deviously complicated as the world spins around, training your spatial orientation.

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