Installing a Lollipop ROM on my G Pro 2

The LG G Pro 2 Lollipop update is rumored to arrive around March 2015 but for those who can’t wait, there are a number of ROMs available based on the leaked beta versions that you can try.

I haven’t written much about my G Pro 2 but it’s a phone I have enjoyed using. It was released around March last year but has held up pretty well, with the reasonably powerful internals but the best part of the phone has to be the 5.9″ screen. It is similar to the Nexus 6, but is in fact slimmer and lighter, and also, cheaper.

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Setup Plex on Cloud for Channel Streaming

I was looking at setting up a Plex Media Server on the cloud for a couple of reasons. It allows me to have my Plex server permanently on, and not having to leave my computer on all the time at home. The other reason was to access US-based content as Plex would be running on a foreign IP, and could access to Plex channels. I was looking at a few of the more common cloud options, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean and a few others came to mind but I settled for DigitalOcean thanks to the free $100 credit for education-linked sign up through Github. The below steps would largely apply to other VPS / cloud providers but I decided to go with DigitalOcean because of the free credit. At $5 a month, I could operate the server for close to two years! I initially thought I could configure the on/off time for the server to reduce my monthly bill even further. Powering off the server will see you still consume computer resources and be charged accordingly. I guess you could create a snapshot and destroy the server when not needed.

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Upgrade Nexus 7 2012 to Lollipop with F2FS

For some reason, the lollipop OTA update for the Asus Nexus 7 2012 did not arrive on my tablet. I decided to take matters into my own hand and started searching for lollipop updates, either stock or custom ROMs. On XDA forums, Freak-SlimLp with Android 5.0.1[F2FS] / OptiPop 5.1.1 Nexus 7 was gaining popularity as a fast, lightweight custom ROM on the latest Android version. I was starting to find the tablet sluggish (running Android 4.4.4 stock) as well and decided to go via the option. F2FS had been suggested to speed up the Nexus 7 tremendously (Antutu scores were reported to bump up from 17k to 21k). I decided to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed.

Update: Instructions updated 31 May 2015.

First up, I had to root the tablet. I used the NexusRootToolkit. This program is easy to use, and let you root your Nexus device, install the latest custom recovery, backup, and more with straight forward easy to follow instructions. Once my tablet is rooted, I backup my apps and games with TitaniumBackup, and transferred them to my thumbdrive via StickMount. I used one of the Micro-USB / USB thumbdrive – accessible with OTG Mount (Stickmount). This was a life saviour, great convenience.

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How To: Sony PS4 Remote Play on OTHER Android Devices

The recently announced Xperia Z3 has a really cool feature of allowing PS4 Remote Play so that you can remotely play Playstation 4 games through your Xperia mobile device, having access to your console games even when you are out and about.

According to comment from a Sony representative, the company has “no intent to bring remote play to any device other than Xperia” – a disappointment for anyone wanting to try out the feature on their non-Xperia device. No surprises there though, this was a big feature and you don’t want your competitors to offer the same advantage. Installation is pretty easy and you should head over to the XDA forums for the full details.
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How to Watch World Cup 2014 Streams – Free!

World Cup 2014 is just around the corner, and it is fast reaching a fever pitch. The World Cup is the holy grail and we will soon get to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi vying for it, but if you are in Singapore – World Cup price from Singtel is $105 (excluding GST)* and it’s the same for Starhub.

$105 or $112.35 after GST for 64 matches, which you probably can’t watch all of them either, is quite a sum to pay.

So what are the options? Especially if you are in penny pinching mode. There will be free live screening at select community centres, thirty Community Centres (CCs) across Singapore will be participating in the live screening where members of the public can catach all the Group Stage action from the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil. Great – if you live next to one, and with the matches all occurring around 4-7am, it isn’t very convenient.

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LG G2 Singapore Kit Kat Update Now Available

The highly anticipated Android 4.4 KitKat OS upgrade for LG’s G2 smartphone is now available on the market for Singapore users. Great news in fact as the update brings about quite useful speed bumps and improved battery life. Two important things that we can never be short of.

You can get it through refreshing the OTA update. The provision of timely software updates is one of the many ways in which LG is constantly striving to improve the experience for its users. This had always been a sorepoint for first generation LG phones, namely myself, who saw the LG Optimus 2x being left on the upgrade shelf.
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TOtD: Dropbox Links to other Location

Tip of the Day (ToTD): I stopped using Dropbox for some time, partly because I have switched to other Cloud tools (Google Drive mainly) and couldn’t really find a use for Dropbox – even though I have a a whopping 83GB available. Perhaps I should use it to store my media but I am digressing.

There are times when you want to sync a non-Dropbox folder, e.g. Saved Games, or your Documents.

It could be just because you’d rather have it somewhere else, or it has to be somewhere else. For instance, this method it’s critical for a folder like the Sites folder on a Mac on the Saved Games folder on your Windows, which has to be in a specific location to work. If you want to sync a Sites folder with Dropbox, you have no choice: you have to link to it, and Dropbox must resolve the link. Which it does.
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