ADATA Announces New SP580 SSD

ADATA® Technology launched the Premier SP580 SATA 6Gb/s solid state drive yesterday. They are affordable SSDs targeted at users looking to upgrade from traditional HDDs.

ADATA SSDs can be purchased from Qoo10 – they are good value, the SP550 model (the SP580 predecessor) can be found for about $94 for the 240GB model (39 cents per GB). It has good reviews and the new SP580 should be a popular choice too.
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Samsung Portable SSD T1 Now Available

You can now buy the Samsung Portable SSD T1 in Singapore, which is the fastest external hard drive you can find. Stylish and portable, it represents a shift towards better quality media for your portable storage. No more waiting around for files to be copied. A stylish external portable Solid State Drive (SSD), it represents a new standard of storage for today’s digital life. This makes the Samsung Portable SSD T1 ideal for business travellers, creative professionals and content creators, such as photographers and videographers, with a need for secure local storage they can take on-the-go and use to quickly transfer large amounts of data.

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ADATA Premier SP610 SSD Launches in Singapore

ADATA announced on December 9, 2014 that it has launched the Premier SP610 2.5” Solid State Drive in Singapore. The ADATA SSD stood out for the price, with the 256GB model and up being priced at less than S$0.60 per GB. With the US exchange rate rising, this could be a worthwhile consideration for those looking to upgrade their computers.

Product Highlights of the ADATA Premier SP610 SSD
+ SMI Controller
+ SATA III 6Gb/s
+ Sequential read / write speeds: 560/450 MB
+ 4KB random read / write speeds: 73,000 / 72,000 IOPS
+ 7mm thickness
+ 128GB: SGD 89.00, 256GB: SGD 149.00, 512GB: SGD 299.00

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SSD Fever

Solid State Disks or SSD Prices have been on the downtrend with discounted prices reducing from approximately US$1 / GB to the current US$0.75 / GB. Amazon is currently selling the Crucial M4 SSD at less than $200. The Crucial M4 SSDs have been on the market nine months, and have built a good track record around mainstream value and reliability in that time. It has fantastic read speeds and strong write speeds as well. The Marvell controller is one of the better reliable ones and at the 256GB price range, this is currently one of the best deal.
However, prices in Singapore are still significantly marked up compared to US! A check on prices in Sim Lim showed that the same model Crucial 256GB SSD is currently retailing at S$379! That’s a significant $120 or 50% more expensive. Foregoing the warranty does seem like a viable alternative to buy from the US. Furthermore, with shipping concierge companies like VPost and ComGateway, make full use of their services plus the lower prices in the US to get an SSD for yourself. The average shipping price should be around S$15-$20 and for first time subscribers to both services, the initial discount should offset the price by approximately S$10, so do make full use of the first time offer! (DBS offers $10 off and 10% for first time ComGateway user.)

If you are considering a lower price point, another alternative for a great SSD is the Mushkin Chronos 120GB. You can buy it directly through Amazon through our Top Deals page. The Mushkin Chronos 120GB is an excellent performer and is currently one of the lowest priced SSDs around. I am using one myself and I am amazed by the speed boost it offers over a traditional SATA harddisk. After shipping, you would still save approximately 40% off the local retail pricing.

Most people tend to neglect hard disk speeds and focus on the storage capacity. An SSD, compared to a normal HDD, has no moving parts which limits the speed of the normal HDD. Similar to system memory, SSDs are microchips designed to store information. However, these are nonvolatile memory chips that can retain information the way hard drives do. For this reason, a computer that uses an SSD as the main storage device boots and shuts down very fast and can resume from sleep mode instantly. Software applications, including heavy ones like a 3D game or video-editing application, also take significantly less time to start and operate, compared with when the computer uses a hard drive as the main storage. For the amount of time we spend infront of the computer, application loading times, waiting for access to files, they all add up. Adding an SSD would reduce this time significantly and with the lower prices available today, now’s a good time to join the SSD fever and find out what you have been missing. A number of my colleagues have hopped on the bandwagon recently and they are enjoying the new found speeds!

A new SSD would help to speed up your computer in several ways:

  • Boot times will be significantly reduced.
  • Launching applications will occur in a near-instant.
  • Saving and opening documents won’t lag.
  • File copying and duplication speeds will improve.
  • Overall, your system will feel much snappier.