LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 – Quick Thoughts

After both flagship announcements, I am definitely more intrigued by the modular capabilities of the LG G5, so let’s start with the G5.

Two modules have been announced. The LG G5 CAM Plus module and the LG G5 B&O Hi-Fi audio module. Interesting, but, that being said, the price of the accessories, and usefulness of them, remains as questions to be answered. The CAM Plus module sound rather gimmicky, since it only adds a battery pack and some physical controls. Quality of the image remains the same. There’s also the LG Rolling Bot, which hey, resembles TFA BB-8. It has a lens, IR Blaster, speaker, for an awesomely cool surveillance toy that runs around your home.
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LG Stylus 2 to be Unveiled at MWC 2016

LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its new LG Stylus 2, the enhanced sequel to the G4 Stylus, at MWC 2016 to be held in Barcelona, Spain. The exceptionally-priced 5.7-inch handset shares many of premium features available on LG’s flagship models but also includes a pen with a nano-coated tip for more accuracy compared to the previous rubber-tipped pen.

The quote from Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications summarises the new phone quite well. “LG Stylus 2 provides both the big screen and premium notetaking functions of a premium large phone at a price of a mid-tier phone.” However, the specs of the phone is on the low end, with 1.2 GHz processor, and whether the mass consumer market would be keen on a phone with said features.

The device features a set of proprietary functions developed specifically for the LG Stylus 2 to enhance the user experience such as Pen Pop, which toggles a popup menu when the stylus is removed to offer shortcuts to Pop Memo and Pop Scanner. Also new to LG Stylus 2 is Pen Keeper, which prevents the stylus from being misplaced by displaying a popup message when the phone is detected as being in motion when the stylus bay is empty. What’s more, the new Calligraphy Pen font allows one to write as beautifully and decoratively as if using a fountain pen.

Only 7.4mm thin and weighing 145g, the LG Stylus 2 is noticeably thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The handset delivers a unique design statement with the incorporation of a Protruded Flat Display in the front, Spin Hairline pattern on the back and metallic frames on all its edges. The LG Stylus 2 sports a hefty 3,000mAh removable battery and a SD card slot to allow users to enjoy a variety of multimedia content on its large 5.7-inch screen.

LG Stylus 2 Specifications:

  • Display: 5.7-inch HD In-Cell Touch (1280 x 720)
  • Chipset: 1.2GHz Quad-Core
  • Camera: Rear 13MP / Front 8MP
  • Memory: 1.5GB LPDDR3 RAM / 16GB ROM / MicroSD
  • Battery: 3,000mAh (removable)
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Size: 155 x 79.6 x 7.4mm
  • Weight: 145g
  • Network: LTE / HSPA+ / GSM
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n / Bluetooth 4.1 / USB 2.0
  • Colors: Titan / White / Brown

LG G5 Case Unveiled – ahead of G5 launch (21st Feb)

The phone’s not even out yet, but LG has unveiled its Quick Cover case for the LG G5. Nothing much is given away from the initial photos, except that the G5 is very likely to feature a metallic finish, and the rumoured additional ticker screen (V10) feature may not have made the cut.

The latest LG Quick Cover offers the advantages of previous Quick Covers but with even more features. The touch function, recently introduced on the K10’s Quick Cover View, is now available on the G5 Quick Cover’s semitransparent mesh cover. It enables users to take calls and control alarm settings without opening the case for the ultimate in convenience.

The always-on display rumored to be a feature in the LG G5 allows users to check the time, date and notifications with the case cover
closed. A unique film with a glossy metallic finish is also incorporated to enhance the smooth and luxurious look and feel of the cover for maximum consistency with the speculative LG G5.

LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Annoucement on 21 Feb

Not prepared to let Samsung have all the media attention for their Galaxy S7 as the first 2016 flagship phone roll out, LG has also issued invitations for their unveiling of the LG G5. The two Korean giants go head to head to unveil their respective models early this year.

This is great. Since there has been a dearth of new smart phone models and I am also holding out for the 2016 models to be released to consider upgrading.

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LG G4 Bootloop issue with petition [Worldwide]

To most people into the technology gadgets, it is common for people to avoid the first batch of newly-launched product to avoid unforeseen issue.

This time round, the issue happened on one of the best 2015 flagship phone, the LG G4.

Users around the world has been pointing out that LG G4 gets into unknown bootloop & required changing of motherboard to fix the issue. This issue mainly pointed to the first batch of LG G4 with the 505 serial number (Manufactured on May last year).

There are discussion going on among LG G4 users on website such as Reddit/Xda & many more tech-related sites.
According to most affected users, their G4 bootloop issue occurred without any warning. Thus not giving them anytime to do any backup. As all of the data stored on the phone will be unrecoverable with the changing of motherboard, majority of the users lost their precious data overnight. This caused great upset for G4 users, especially those whom got the flagship phone when it was first launched in last year May.

A petition has been set up on change.org [https://www.change.org/p/lg-mobile-launch-a-replacement-program-for-defective-lg-g4s] . Started in less than 24 hours, there has been more than 1000 G4 users signing up for the petition urging LG to acknowledge this issue and provide a replacement program for all affected user.

As an owner of LG G4 (which happened to be the 505 series), I have been avoiding to use G4 as main driver while waiting for LG Mobile Singapore to respond to this issue.

LG V10 Available in Singapore from 16 Jan

LG will be bringing the V10 to Singapore. Distinctive new features such as a Second Screen, Dual Front Cameras and Manual Video Mode, MIL-STD-810G certification differentiate the LG V10 from the competition.

The Second Screen is the most interesting to me. It’s similar in concept to the Samsung Galaxy Edge series, but with a horizontal orientation on the top of the phone. The Second Screen can be set up as an “always on” display to enhance the V10’s productiveness all without impacting battery life. Set the Second Screen to display the weather, time, date and battery icon when the main display is off.
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